A small yacht with tourists almost sinks in Cabo San Lucas


The events were recorded around noon, during last Friday, November 8 in Cabo San Lucas

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS ). Tourists traveling aboard a boat in the bay of Cabo San Lucas were assisted by personnel from the Mexican Navy-Navy Secretariat during this Friday, November 8, after the water level inside the hull will begin to rise, Therefore, they requested support for the institution and the Port Captaincy.

According to the crew of the ship, they enjoyed a day of fishing and a walk through the Pacific waters when they realized that the water level rose to the interior of the boat, so they undertook their return to the port. 

After arriving at the dock, they began maneuvering to remove the water that threatened to sink the boat, while the crew members were helped, discarding health problems, so everything remained in a scare. 

Finally, once all the room water was thrown and the boat leveled, it was dragged to a workshop where they will carry out the supervision and rehabilitation maneuvers to avoid new incidents

Source: bcsnoticias

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