Metate Festival: Mexico’s Taco Diversity Celebrated


The biggest taco festival in Mexico

For this first edition of the festival, a Taquero Council has been created, made up of renowned gastronomic journalists who have given themselves the task of searching and choosing the most emblematic tacos of the CDMX, as well as those that are more hidden: those in the neighborhood, Market and street stalls. And, also, taquerías that represent the taco culture that is lived in the north, center, and south of the country.

The result has yielded a valuable list that can not only be divided by neighborhoods, but also by styles. At METATE, visitors will find areas inspired by the different taco styles, such as the grill or the sea. Each taqueria chosen will present their most representative tacos, which will bring together tastes never seen (tried, rather) in one place.

50 taquerías will represent the immense amount of tacos in the country: from suadero, pastor, basket, seafood, insects, vegans and more

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Gathering 50 of the best taquerías in the country, promoting diversity and gastronomic inclusion, in addition to celebrating Mexicanness in a family atmosphere is the objective of the first edition of the Metate Tacos Festival, which will be held on December 8 at the Bicentennial Park, Azcapotzalco City Hall.

“We are sure that the festival will make history in our country. We are interested in doing so, because we aim to bring people together, regardless of beliefs or ideologies, and Metate celebrates something that unites us all: the love of tacos. We all have our favorite taco, here there will be great diversity, ”said Alejandro Esparza, Coca-Cola brand manager.

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And he stressed that the 50 taquerías represent the immense amount of tacos in the country: de Suadero, pastor, basket, seafood, insects, vegans and more. In addition, he continued, we will recreate the beautiful spaces of our country, from the Mexican coast to a colorful market and a hill, there will be a great visual offer and it is also a great celebration for the country and the family.


Attendees will be able to vote for their favorite taqueria and the brand will choose some finalists who will receive an economic incentive, as they want to support companies and join their success stories. They also expect public feedback to have more business in future editions.

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“It was not easy, we met several times to delimit a large universe, with the iconic ones, the hidden jewels, our favorites and thinking about taqueria inside the Republic; then, it was difficult to convince the taqueros, although for them to participate in such a large festival, which expects more than 9 thousand attendees, it is exciting, ”said Pedro Reyes, known for his participation in The Chronicles of the Taco , Netflix.

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Alejandro Escalante, the author of Tacopedia, stressed that it is an opportunity to learn about Mexican gastronomic culture: “You can learn from tortillas, salsa, and ingredients, from Taqueria culture, which is something very old and Mexican, here you can learn about tacos in depth. All Mexicans are experts in tacos, but there is a lot to try. ”


As Hong Kong has its Dumpling Fest and Napoli has its Pizza Village, Coca-Cola seeks to create a gastronomic festival that represents the most valuable of Mexico: the taco.

Symbol of our culinary legacy, the metate represents the past, but also our present. It is a tool that values ​​corn as one of the fundamental ingredients of Mexican culture, and at the same time, it worships the work of the hands of our grandmothers and mothers. Mexican hands that have turned that raw material into one of the most nutritious, consumed and characteristic foods of our country: the tortilla.

In METATE the guests, in addition to tasting the great variety of tacos, maybe part of nixtamalization workshops and sauces, will approach the culture of corn from the representation of the different varieties of tortillas. In addition, as part of the experience, they will enjoy a great line-up of music with artists such as Ha * Ash, Matute, Grupo Canaveral, Kinky, Karol Sevilla, Lemongrass, Nina Olimón, among others.



The cost of entry to #CocaColaMetate will be 250 pesos, but access will be free for children under 10 years.

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