Illegally imported cars could be legalized by presidential decree says, Senator


The proposal to legalize “carros chocolates” as illegally imported car to Mexico are known as was rejected by the Senate in recent days.

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The president of the Board of Political Coordination of the Senate, Ricardo Monreal declared at the end of October that the ‘carros chocolates’ would only be legalized by a decree by the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

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“It will not be through the law, but it may be through the executive’s decrees, via the Treasury, via the SAT. There has to be a process of legalization but not a law that opens the door to imports from the U.S. or Canada, ”Monreal said on October 27 of this year, in a visit to the state of Chihuahua.

Resultado de imagen para carros chocolates

The proposal to legalize carros chocolates was rejected by the Senate in recent days, so only by decree could the regularization of such vehicles be possible.

“There are around 18 million chocolate vehicles in the Country. We think it would be good if this Mexico legalized those cars for many arguments that can be raised. First, it would be a fabulous entry of money for federal, state and municipal governments: it would be around 50 billion pesos. ”

On that occasion, the senator did not specify any costs or procedures if the imported cars could be legalized.

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