Mexico Ambassadors will receive tourism promotion kit in January


During the next meeting that the ambassadors and consuls of Mexico have abroad, scheduled for next January, they will be given the tourist promotion kit with which they will support to spread the attractions of the country, said the secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués .

The head of the Sectur stressed that this is only part of the actions for members of the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM) to carry out promotion tasks abroad, a task entrusted to them by President López Obrador after the closure of the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico (CPTM).

“We have 86 representatives between ambassadors and consuls, but in the first stage we will give a course through the Matías Romero Institute, of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to those who are in the countries most strongly emitting tourists to Mexico,” said Torruco Marquis.

The official explained that in this case it would be mainly those in the United States, where more than 60 percent of foreign tourism comes from, as well as Canada and South America, a region that has had an important rebound with more visitors from Colombia and Peru, although he highlighted the decrease in Argentina due to its economic situation. This would continue with the embassies found in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, says the Secretary of Tourism.

In the meeting that the ambassadors and consuls will have with Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in Mexico, they will also be informed of the advances of the VisitMexico platform, in which it is estimated to concentrate the tourist offer of the whole country, and that by those dates you should already have An important advance.

When inaugurating Durango’s exhibition in Punto México, Miguel Torruco also stressed that the Magic Towns program will remain, since the appointment helps the occupation to rise between five and six percent, and although this year they were not included in the list, in 2020 there will be a call to include another five or six municipalities, and that will be through Sedatu that will support its infrastructure.

Source: nitu

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