Have you already declared your taxes in Mexico? If not, you can go to jail


The president of the Council of Notaries in Sinaloa explained the consequences of the ‘anti-money laundering’, false billing and phantom laws, as well as the Domain Extinction Law

The Mexican government seeks to transparent the flow of money in the country through the new anti-money laundering laws, domain termination, counterfeit billing, and phantom companies, because the international treaties that Mexico has signed have asked it to put order in the resource diversion, Rodrigo Llausas Azcona explained.

The president of the Council of Notaries in Sinaloa thought that these laws that are already classified as a serious crime when related to organized crime, is a worrying issue, because if someone does not declare their economic and patrimonial income, they can lose everything and at the same Time being linked to jail.

“If you won 50 thousand pesos, and reported 10 thousand pesos to the SAT, you have 40 thousand pesos that in the case of an audit will tell you: ‘well, these 40 thousand pesos from where they came from,’ if you can prove that it was a company, well, there we are in the presence of a tax evasion, because you did not declare the tax, but when you cannot prove where that money came from, you will be in what is classified as organized crime. ”

In addition to this, the expert added that with the domain extinction law, material assets can be seized and if the person was linked to the process and left free when they claim them, the government could have sold that estate at auction and pay the owner what was left of that sale.

So, he called for citizens to be regularized in the declaration of their taxes, but also for all officials to make good use of this resource and society really begins to pay them.

“In our country, few are those who declare, so public servants have to be aware that the payment of taxes made by all natural and legal persons, must arrive where they supposedly should go, so the judge You must start with your own home. ”

Llausas Azcona said that it is important to stop money laundering and irregular flow of income in citizens, but not when the individual guarantees of people are violated.

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