Sinaloa will live the “Filantrofest” during November


CULIACAN Sinaloa.– In order that citizens, opinion leaders, and government officials celebrate the day of philanthropy, the Private Assistance Board will carry out the “Filantrofest” where different activities will be carried out throughout the month of November.

Adriana Rojo Zazueta, president of the JAP, highlighted that activities will be carried out in different cities, Culiacán, Mazatlán, Guasave and Los Mochis with the purpose of strengthening institutions with training and education.

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Among the most important events is the recognition of Philanthropic Merit and Value of Excellence 2019, institutions that will receive 100 thousand pesos as an economic prize and their recognition, in the same way, this year the recognition of the volunteer with 15 thousand pesos as a prize was implemented.

“The prize is a symbolic prize, the most important thing is the recognition and that what your volunteer group is doing comes to light because the significant economic prize is undoubtedly is the philanthropic merit and excellence that is the great recognition. “

The topics that will be touched at the conferences are: “leadership and social work”, “your context is not a pretext”.

The Pitch method workshops, network management, Internet tools, entrepreneurship tools for social projects, how to focus and scale my impact and digital empathy.

The conferences, workshops, artistic, recreational, creative, entrepreneurship, training activities that will be held are not only for private assistance institutions but for the whole society and are free of charge.

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