Mazatlan witnesses the great night of “La Catrina and its enigmas” in Callejoneada 2019


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The celebration of the Day of the Dead unleashed in the Historic Center of Mazatlan a spectacular party to exalt one of the highest traditions of the people of Mexico that this year was named “La Catrina and its enigmas.”

Headed by different authorities, the Royal Court of Carnival 2019 and the candidates and candidates of the Carnival 2020, the event began at the Municipal Arts Center with the massive route that made this artistic complex crowded with kicks and tourists who saw how the creative talent of the port joined forces to celebrate death.

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In the CMA lobby a courtship of skull dancers from the Mazatlan Professional Dance School delivered a tasty choreography; The procession moved to the area of ​​the School of Plastic Arts that, dressed in giant sugar skulls and skeletons in cardboard, sheltered a macabre, sensual and scandalous dance in the most faithful style of the cabaret.

The public paraded through the Rubio Gallery to contemplate an exhibition composed of works created in acrylic, photographs or engraving that reflected the colorful, overflowing and endearing veneration that the Mexican has towards his deceased.

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The visitors ended up in the corridors of the Angela Peralta Theater, which, full of darkness, housed monsters, strange figures, apparitions and other macabre beings who escorted the audience until they reached the stage and saw from there how the seats were transformed into a cemetery with dancing skeletons that They aroused smiles and invited the public to capture them on their cell phones. When the curtain closed, a group of dancers from the Municipal Classical Ballet School of Culture danced in an atmosphere full of drama.

The human river followed a list of multicolored kites until arriving at the theater lobby and facing the portentous offering dedicated to two icons of national culture that departed to the kingdom of eternity this year: Francisco Toledo and “The Prince of the Song “, Jose Jose. The idols were celebrated by the Angela Peralta Choir and the Municipal Theater School to the sound of “God never dies”, in a macabre dance that had the giant skulls of a Catrin and a Catrina as guests of honor.

Already in the Angela Peralta Gallery, the projection of an animated short film was the first element of “Offering”, the exhibition that the Costa Rican painter Pablo Vargas gave Mazatlan as a sample of the spell that the Day of the Dead has had on his creative spirit, and that completely overturned in the mural “Visit the lover”, a work that in its detailed beauty shows the Catrina as the eternal love of our lives.

Upon leaving, the public received the delicious Pan de Muerto and in the TAP lobby, he saw an imposing mausoleum surrounded by cempasuchil flowers in which a white catrina wandered full of pain. The public went to Plazuela Machado to get drunk with the music and numbers of the Folkloric Ballet of Culture and wait for the great parade that would close the celebration of this Day of the Dead.

The illuminated face of a Monumental Catrina, the band playing “The Corrido de Mazatlán”, stilts, bullangueras comparsas, a flooded float of Catrinas, dinosaurs and a ghost ship paraded from the Municipal Palace towards Angel Flores Street to reach the Paseo Olas Altas and then descend on Sixto Osuna Street to Plazuela Machado, bewitching the entire city that turned completely to venerate with its pachanguero spirit the magic and mystery of the Day of the Dead.

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