Mayor seeks to connect Mazatlan, Mexico, and Merida with new air routes


* Name the Three M project
* Ensures there will be amazing results

Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, president of Mazatlan, announced that he is looking together with the municipal president of Mérida, Yucatán to connect both cities by air.

“We are twinning with the municipal president of Merida to look for a flight to Merida, Mexico, Mazatlan, which will be the Tres M project,” he said.

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The First Edil said that he was already claimed in an event people from Monterrey why they did not include the city in that project.

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Mexico City

“There is interest from other cities in participating in the Three M project because we need to strengthen what the State Government does we have to go out to bring more tourism to Mazatlan.”
Benítez Torres insisted that they will continue traveling as many times as necessary and they will have amazing results.

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