Mexico will strengthen the fight against animal trafficking


With the purpose of preventing the illegal trafficking of species in Mexico, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Environment ( Profepa ) and various governmental instances of national security agreed to intensify their coordinated actions to address this problem.

The commitment was reached this Friday during a meeting in which specialists from the Federal Police –of the Scientific Division and the Gendarmerie-, the Attorney General’s Office and Interpol (international police) participated.

Attendees agreed on the urgency of formulating new strategies for an efficient fight against organized crime networks involved in species trafficking, which is one of the main concerns in the environmental sector.

Dr. Antonio Díaz de León Corral, Deputy Attorney of Natural Resources, emphasized the need to make a paradigm shift to reduce this problem and jointly promote intelligence and coordination tasks for frontal combat to those who promote illegal activities.

He said that in some regions of the country this activity has become almost a way of life for many citizens who lack other options, also encouraged by true networks of criminals dedicated to species trafficking.

Díaz de León stressed that Profepa considers it of the greatest importance to increase coordination with all instances of the State to agree and carry out efficient and forceful operations that reduce the demand for these species.

Source: unotv