If the economic activity of a state increases, the value of the real estate increases


Experts in real estate valuation talked about the successes that the state has had and what areas lose their value in that area

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- That the State Congress has approved a modification to the law of professions where it dictates that the appraisers enter this range, it has great benefit for society, mainly to the most vulnerable sectors, since these professionals are the ones that fight to standardize the property tax of the houses, that the inflation is not so high and that there is a standardization of real estate in the market.

This was explained by Rodrigo Alberto Peña Porchas, president of the Federation of Colleges of Valuators in Mexico, who explained that Sinaloa is on a very good path, because although it has always had natural wealth and important business, now they are redirecting where it belongs.

“All the potential that the state has historically always had, now I see it well managed, with strategic investments, in addition to generating the effect of greater tourist influx in real estate, it generates a greater surplus-value for all the goods that are around, because the environment is safe, it is pleasant and has all the public services ”.

Mazatlan Historic Center

He described as a success the restoration of the Malecon and historic center of Mazatlan, as well as the investment in other municipalities of the state, which are receiving greater visitors thanks to the great appearance they have since that increases the economy of Sinaloa.

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Marina Mazatlan

However, he accepted that residential areas that represent a risk to society, such as colonies that are flooded by flooding of rivers or streams, lose their value because nobody wants to buy them, so it is important to plan well the homes in each city.

“Every good that is built in an irregular zone is a risk zone and that this risk is initially measured by the Civil Protection experts at the time of preparing an estimate of value, we must consider that risk and of course that Demerits its value because the desirability of inhabiting that property is reduced ”

Peña Porchas reiterated that when the economic activity of a state has productivity and is benefited, automatically, the values ​​of the goods increase.

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