Mexico number one place for natural resources in the world


Mexico is in the first place in terms of natural resources in the world, says the latest Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, which the World Economic Forum prepares biannually; The non-profit organization founded in 1971 and based in Geneva, Switzerland, assesses since 2007 the tourism competitiveness of the countries, through 4 sub-indices, 14 pillars and 90 indicators.

In its analysis of 140 countries, it places Spain as the most competitive country in the world, followed by France and Germany. Mexico occupies the position number 19, rising three places in relation to the year 2017.

This year, Mexico stands out among the other countries in four main themes: natural resources, cultural resources, prioritization of the country of the travel and tourism sector and air infrastructure, especially for the number of seats on national and international flights arriving in the country.

Number one in natural resources

Stresses the report that tourists consider Mexico as an important destination for nature tourism and cultural tourism activities since many of the country’s searches on social networks or web browsers are aimed at topics related to adventure destinations, protected natural areas, and tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

However, the country is placed in the last places of the ranking in terms of price competitiveness, business environment, tourism sustainability and security, where unfortunately 13 positions have been lowered with respect to the previous year, remaining as country in place 126 of 140, rated at the same level as countries such as Brazil, Turkey, Mali, Guatemala and Trinidad, and Tobago.

Regarding sustainable tourism, Mexico is at site 108 of 140, with important challenges to meet, especially on issues such as force and compliance with environmental and social laws, water stress that exists in the country and in many of its tourist destinations, and the number of threatened species that the country has. (Sustentur)

Source: nitu

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