Controversy over a page that offers animal wildlife hunting in Yucatan


MÉRIDA.- According to Environmental Climate Network Mexico, a community described on Facebook as a protector of animal rights, alleged foreigners would be hunting ocellated turkeys, peacocks and other species in Yucatan, offering their hunting services through Tankab Outfitters, a Facebook page that caused controversy.

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Denounce hunting page

 “The Governments of Yucatán and Campeche would be allowing the entry of Hunting tourism (…) The Tankab Outfitters page also mentions other types of Animals that would be Hunting in the Yucatan Peninsula such as Toucans, Deer, Jaguars, Cougars and many protected species and endemic to the Peninsula ”, they express in a publication.

The publication was also shared by Red Animal de Yucatán, another page that focuses on the protection of these living beings.

What do they post on Facebook?

Tankab, screenshot.

The last publication of Tankab is from July 30 of this year. In a photo they shared on July 25, there is a photograph of a woman posing with an alleged ocellated turkey.

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“The hunting of ocellated turkeys takes you to the jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Mexico, the only area in the world inhabited by a huge number of the colorful turkey of extremely long spur ocelation. The experience is a tropical adventure (…) ”.

Another reads: “September cannot arrive fast enough. Bill Cooper and Damon Spurgeon of the Fly Rod Journal will travel to San Felipe in Yucatan to promote the fishing of shadles and bones. ”

Actually, it is unknown if the administrators are true foreigners or if they have permits for hunting activities. In recent days, after several reports on networks, Tankab Outfitters has been receiving various criticisms and negative ratings.

They receive negative reviews.

A request in Change. Org

Through the portal, Change. org made a petition for signatures and asked the government to end these fall activities.

“ Tankab Outfitters is a company that offers hunting packages of endangered or endangered species from the Yucatan Peninsula to foreign people, specifically to Americans who want to come to live their safari fantasy but do not have the money to pay a poacher in Africao get a legal license in that same continent, working with a license that, people worried about the animals of my state, Yucatan, we do not explain how it was obtained; It is said that it was granted by “alleged” friendship with Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, we want to think that Mr. Governor is only being mentioned because of his supposed closeness to the owner of this inhuman and vile company and for this reason we ask Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal that demarcates from this company and requires the congress of the state of Yucatan that stronger sanctions for hunting and animal abuse are created and that the license to Tankab Outfitters be revoked and that those who own this are brought to criminal proceedings company for abuse, hunting of threatened and endangered animals and that no such license is re-granted to any other company that intends to profit from our endemic species. As an ethical and socially responsible person, I consider that animals as living beings that they are, must be protected, I would not like that in our children they only know animals through books and internet articles. Let’s save the animals, ”they explain in the petition.

So far they carry 407 signatures.

Source: el debate

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