Real Estate closings in San Miguel de Allende down during 2nd quarter


We crunched the numbers from the AMPI statistics. The data includes residential properties (those with a home present) and land (those without buildings present).  

In the second quarter of 2019, real estate closings are down, compared to last quarter. There were 51 residential properties and 13 parcels of land; April had 22 closings, May had 26, and June reported 16, for a total of 64 closings. This marks a 19% decrease compared to the first quarter which had 79 closings.

The residential properties sold on average for 1,838USD per square meter (calculated by size of construction), 1420USD (calculated by lot size), and for land without construction on average 115USD per square meter. 

The average selling prices for the residential properties was $430,231. The highest selling prices were $1.4 and $1.395 million; the lowest was $72,580.

It can be seen that the main buyers and sellers are Mexicans and Americans, with Americans buying slightly more and Mexicans selling slightly less. Sellers: 53% Mexican, 36% American, 5% Canadian, 5% European Buyers: 53% American, 44% Mexican 
The properties sold for an average of 94% of their listing price.

If this is something that interests our readers, please comment and we’ll look into more data to analyze. 

Raw data from AMPI, data analysis by The San Miguel Herald