Durango: positioned as an International Film Production location


“During the last quarter of the year, an international film production will be shooting in Durango”, said Eleazar Gamboa de la Parra, head of the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Durango, who stressed that in addition to the series, films, national and international television programs that have produced in the state this year, have given very important results in terms tourism.

During an interview, the state tourism manager said that the government has been working hard on the promotion of the state as a stage in the entertainment sector and soon great news will be announced in this regard for Durango. The local authorities have been working on projects that will be consolidated by the year 2020 and they are practically “tied up”.

This year, the North American streaming company, Amazon Prime, is already recording programs in Durango, as well as Netflix national films tht have already been filmed in the state. And at the end of this 2019 a foreign production is coming, which means that Durango is in excellent moment in terms of cinematographic production.

“These companies have already seen that Durango is an excellent location, and we have excellent news for next year in this regard”, said the official.

Questioned about whether the state’s effort in tourism could focus more on that sector, Gamboa de la Parra, argued that it is only one of the aspects, but not the only one.

“There are four other very important branches for tourism in the state, Congresses and Conventions, Cultural Tourism, Magical Towns, Ecotourism, and without a doubt Cinematography, in which we are working and there are excellent results”, the head of the Tourism Secretariat of the State of Durango concluded.

The Mazatlan Post