Jerónimo García, the Mexican who triumphs in Cirque du Soleil


Jerónimo García was one of the first Mexicans to join the internationally known Cirque du Solei, but this opportunity did not knock at his door, he decided to go for it.

I literally sneaked through the bars with a friend who was the blacksmith and wore the horseshoes and bars of the strong man from one of the acts of joy. ” Jerónimo García, acrobat

In 2002, the artist slipped into the Santa Fe tent and left a VHS with the recordings of his own acts.

With the four English words I knew, I told them; ´demo here, I acrobat´. Two weeks later they call me. ” Jerónimo García, acrobat

After receiving the call, this acrobat from Mérida Yucatan had to earn a place within the company.

It was an audition of 11 hours where we were tested of everything. They called me at two weeks. ” Jerónimo García, acrobat

Since 2015, Jerónimo is part of  JOYÀ ; a theatrical experience that has been in the Riviera Maya for almost five years.

Joya means wisdom, jewel is a show to start with is the first Cirque du Soleil show resident in all of Latin America. ” Jerónimo García, acrobat

Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ  has more than 40 artists on stage. All of multiple nationalities.

Source: unotv

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