Datacenter failure generates chaos in the use of credit and debit cards in Mexico


At the moment, it is not possible to pay with credit or debit cards, nor to have cash.

Endless rows, full cars in supermarkets set aside in full boxes and rows of angry people is what is experienced this Saturday in several parts of the country because one of the main data centers that connect several banks has failures.

According to information held by El Financiero, the data center of a processing company presents “incidents” that currently affect the use of point of sale terminals, ATMs, recurring charges, among other operations.

Therefore, it is not possible to pay by credit or debit card, nor to have cash or make payments online .

The origin of the problem comes from Prosa, an electronic transaction services company. In a statement that El Financiero had access to , the company said the data center affected is the one located in Santa Fe .


“The management team and the entire IT and Innovation team are working as a priority to resolve this issue,” the statement reads.

The company added that it will continue to report on the problem-solving process.

So far, there are several banking institutions that report problems in their operations.

Source: el financiero

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