Foreign visitors to Mazatlan enjoy “Stone Island” Isla de la Piedra


Tourists point out that it is a place with cleaner beaches than Mazatlan’s

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- Tourists from different parts of the Mexican Republic are mainly visitors to the Isla de la Piedra.

This tourist destination is a favorite of families visiting Mazatlan because there they can eat by the sea, enjoy aquatic and recreational activities. In addition, the transfer to this site by boat that is one of the most exciting parts for tourists. 


Stone Island is visited by families of tourists because they ensure that the tide in that area is very quiet and allows children and adults to spend some time together.

In addition, they ensure that as the beach is short, the lifeguards who are watching the area give them peace and security.

Another reason is the attention they receive from service providers, as they point out kindness as the main characteristic.

“The truth is that they always treat us very well, that’s why I always want to bring my family here. In addition, children have a lot of fun, ”said Francisco Garrocha, a visitor from Monterrey.


This destination is preferred by groups of young people, who in addition to finding food, can practice recreational activities.

This is the case of youth groups from Morelos universities that visit Mazatlan every six months.

Visitors say they want to return due to attractions that there are not on the southern beaches. 

Mazatlan has things we don’t find on the southern beaches, including its cuisine, its culture, and we like its people apart, said Oscar Salinas, in charge of the youth group.

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Among the recreational activities that Isla de la Piedra has to offer are the walks along the shore of the beach or by a part of the community in the area, on horses or motorcycles.

Another attraction is banana rides or surfboard rental. 

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