For a couple of years, no ‘surprise’ anti-doping test has been applied to public transport drivers of Mazatlan


For more than two years they have not been carried out in Mazatlan; They are only applicable under complaint or when a driver needs to validate his aptitude certificate

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The operations to apply the ‘surprise’ anti-doping tests to public transport drivers have not been running for a little over two years, said José Vallejo Carrillo, delegate in the Southern Road and Transportation Zone.

“There are extraordinary measures carried out by the management, with surprising examinations that have not been done in recent times in Mazatlan (…) approximately two years ago that have not been carried out, it has been carried out in municipalities such as Culiacán and Guasave; for some reasons they have not been carried out (in Mazatlan) due to laboratory issues, personnel that have to come … it has to be surprising, ”he revealed.

However, he said he was aware that they need to be applied, so he did not rule out that these measures be retained in a not so distant timeframe, as this depends on the central delegation.

In this regard, Vallejo Carrillo recalled that users of these vehicles can report suspected cases of drivers who are under the influence of any toxic substance that alters their behavior. Regarding this, he said that complaints of this kind are not common since they only receive a little more than five in the year and not all of them turn out to be positive.

The delegate of Roads and Transportation in the south of the State stressed that the exams that do apply are for new drivers or for those who are going to renew their Certificate of Fitness, which must be updated every two years.

Truck drivers are not required: Alliance

The outgoing Secretary-General of the Mazatlan Truck Alliance, Víctor Manuel Tirado Cortés, justified that not constantly applying these tests is due to the large number of drivers that exist in Mazatlan.

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“(Applies) nothing more when detected, is that it is a very large flotilla, is about a standard of 750 drivers of Mazatlan drivers,” he said.

“Here the anti-doping is handled when the drivers are going to enter. When a driver who uses drugs is detected, he is discharged, suspended and sent to do anti-doping: if he is positive, he is given the option to go to a link and be rehabilitated when they have very risky vices … when it is seen that they don’t get high, they are required to deliver an anti-doping every month at the company, ”argued Tirado Cortés.

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