Durango participates in “Probemos México”

  • It will be done with traditional dishes such as chuales, patoles, asado rojo and caldillo with venison and chile pasado.

Durango participates in “Probemos México”, a movement that is the result of love for Mexico where traditional cooks are protagonists in showing gastronomy, culture, roots and, above all, the oral tradition that has remained from generation to generation to keep Mexican cuisine alive, which remains one of the most delicious in the world.

chile pasado

On this occasion, Luis de Llano, promoter of “Probemos México” and Deyanira Navarro, president of the Durango Gastronomic Conservatory, met on Saturday morning at the Museum of Popular Arts to present traditional Durango dishes that will participate in this show as the chuales, patoles, red roast, deer caldillo and chile pasado, among others.


Deyanira points out that although there is similarity with some dishes with other states such as Zacatecas and Chihuahua, each state has its peculiarity in the elaboration and taste of foods that even have to do with dehydrated techniques and that has been used as over many years for the conservation of the raw material used in large dishes.


Luis de Llano, a member of “Probemos México”, said that it is intended to investigate and disseminate Mexican cuisine, promote national cuisine and recognize traditional cooks who have preserved the flavor and essence of some dishes for years.

asado rojo

To do so they have embarked on an ethnographic tour of the national territory, where through gastronomic samples they have found in addition to the delicious dishes, a great willingness of the cooks to participate and elaborate recipes that they inherited from their ancestors.

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