The resources of the Government must be destined for Mexicans not to give employment to illegal migrants


Medellín, Veracruz.- The resources of the different levels of government should be destined only for Mexicans and in no way to give employment or any benefit to migrants who transit through our territory, said the mayor of Medellín de Bravo, Hipólito Deschamps Espino Barros.

In a video uploaded to his social networks, in which he responds to the proposal that the Government of Mexico made to some mayors of the state, in the sense of ” hiring ” one hundred migrants from other countries, Deschamps Espino Barros said that his administration nor ask them anything for the migrants, ” because at once I tell them that there will be nothing for people who are of another nationality and who are in our territory.”

“I will tell President Lopez Obrador or any other official asking something like this, of me or my government, do not count on us. In Medellin Mexicans are first and public resources should be used only for them, “he stressed annoyed by the decision of the federal government to order mayors to hire migrants when there is much, much unemployment among citizens of Medellin, the state and the country.

The mayor argued that the municipal budget “is not enough to cover the basics services and works for the people of Medellín,  now they also want to force us to give jobs and benefits to people who are not Mexican. I insist do not count with me because first, they are those of Medellín first, then those of the entire state and all Mexicans, “he reiterated.

On the contrary, he demanded the Delegate of the Federal Government in the state of Veracruz, Manuel Huerta Ladrón de Guevara to punctually review a list of one hundred citizens of his municipality who apply for a job, since in Medellín there are many people who need work and they should be first for the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“And soon I will be sending a list to Manuel Huerta, so I can offer them a job opportunity because I am very clear that the resources of Mexico should be destined only to the Mexican people,” he concluded

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