Sinaloa state health secretary warns of stings from poisonous animals


The poisonous animals and insects tend to be more active during the hot months, that, added to that children and adults do more outdoor activity, that is why the population must attend the prevention measures to avoid a sting of poisonous animals or of some insect, said Efren Encinas Torres.

These animals usually hide or nest in places such as rocks, trees, caves, drains, holes in the wall or floor, among others, added the State Health Secretary.

The general director of Health Services of Sinaloa reported that currently there is no significant increase in the number of cases, which have occurred in the south of the state. He also mentioned that, although there is sufficient supply to handle this type of case, the population should exercise extreme caution and immediately go to the health services for timely care.

“The undergrowth also tends to favor and effectively the heat makes it come out, especially the scorpion stings, it occurs throughout the state, but it is more in the south, the Rosario area, Escuinapa, we are prepared with the anti scorpion serum, we do not have shortage of scorpion serum, another type of animal you also have to take care of us, but do not have a bigger increment at the moment, for that reason it is very useful to us the jurisdictions that through the prevention actions with fumigations and clean patio, “he reported.

For this reason, he explained that it is important to attend to the following recommendations;Do not walk barefoot, do not put feet or hands in tree holes, stones, caves or nests, shake clothes and shoes before dressing, as well as bedding before bed, separate the beds from the wall, observe the floor of the bath before bathing, cover the drains with wire cloth, use high boots (leather or thick rubber) when traveling through the field.

Also: keep the interior of your home clean and tidy, free of weeds a large area around the house or camp, do not accumulate firewood, bricks or debris near the house, in the camps, close well the tents during the resting hours and to walk, keep backpacks, sleeping bags and other items.

He also noted that the danger of poisonous animals depends on the variety of the animal, as well as the age of the affected person and the amount of poison involved, however, he stressed that in the case of scorpions in the region are highly poisonous.

For this reason, it is very useful to recognize the type of poisonous animal or insect that caused the bite or sting, in order to guide the attending physician.

Source: pmxportal

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