This App detects gas stations with the lowest prices in Mexico


You can also report any irregularity or know if it gives the full liters

The Energy Regulatory Commission made available to consumers an application that allows detecting which gas stations are near a person’s location, but especially those with the lowest prices.

Miguel Ángel Murillo, delegate of the Profeco, explained that every week there are tours through these establishments to update the app that was called “Gasoapp”.

“There is an application called Gasoapp that tells every citizen entering that application where, near where you are you can find the cheapest gasoline and that is what we do so that each week the application is being renewed,” he quoted.

All you have to do is download the application on the phone, later you can see which gas stations are close and prices, you can also qualify the service received, whether they sell full liters or not, if the sale is denied of product or if the price at which it is sold is not equal to that published in said application.

The delegate of Profeco explained that in the tours they have conducted they found that some establishments have high prices like in Navolato, where they detected regular gasoline at 22 pesos.

Finally, he added that you can also check the page of where you can see “Who is who in the prices” and take care of the household economy.




The Mazatlan Post