Sinaloans ready to win Miss Universe 2019


Sinaloa. – The Sinaloans Carla Mariant Sánchez and Alejandra Rubí Pérez will seek the Miss Universe 2019 pass.

“Sinaloa is ready! We wish our Reinas @carlamariant and @ alejandrarubi_1 a lot of success that today they start the @mexicanauniversalof competition! Let’s support them with everything and put the name of Sinaloa back on! “, Are the words published through social networks with which the staff of Mexicana Universal Sinaloa wished the best to Alejandra Rubí Pérez and Carla Mariant Sánchez, who this Sunday undertook the trip to Mexico City to be part of the concentration and the national contest led by Miss Universe 1991, Lupita Jones.

The message was shared with a photograph of the beautiful representatives of Sinaloa, who are part of the 32 participants of the second edition of the beauty contest in which will be selected who will be the Universal Mexican 2019, which will represent this year Mexico in Miss Universe, as well as who will be the young bearers of the titles: Mexicana Universal Internacional 2020 (to compete in Miss International 2020) and Mexicana Universal Hispanoamericana 2019 (Reina Hispanoamericana 2019).

28 states sent representatives and four were designated, Jalisco, Nayarit, Querétaro and Sinaloa (Alejandra Rubí Pérez).

Today Sunday begins the concentration and the competition will consist of three galas: the first to be held on June 9, under the leadership of Kristal Silva and Brandon Peniche and transmitted by Tv Azteca.

In the second gala, on June 16, will be the elimination, and in the final to be held on June 23 will be known the winners of the three titles to dispute.

Source: el debate

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