Mazatlan beach administrators prepare for recertification of Playa Gaviotas


Rogelio Olivas explained that there are several actions that will be implemented to preserve in optimal conditions the area that has a distinctive cleanliness

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- In order to maintain in better conditions Playa Gaviotas, the Operadora and Administradora de Playas in Mazatlan will implement various actions such as the regulation of the management of fuels by providers of nautical tourism services, as well as the prohibition of indigents to camp. .

Rogelio Olivas Osuna, director of the paramunicipal explained that it is through various meetings as they have raised the operations, especially because in the middle of this month will be receiving the auditors of the Mexican Institute of Certification for the revalidation of the distinctive ‘clean beach‘ with which the area counts

“The second week of June the auditors of the institute will be arriving, last week we had a meeting with the businesses of what is the beach area of ​​Playa Gaviotas in which we are taking the necessary measures”.

He commented that similarly from the office of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection and the direction of Mayor’s Office of the City of Mazatlan will undertake an operation for the regulation of street vendors under review that all are up to date and have permits.

“Which was one of the commitments with what is Capta, which will support us through the tourist police to give more patrols either in the morning, in the afternoon or at night; and the restaurant sector is asked for all the support in terms of cleanliness. “

Similarly, Olivas Osuna said that together with hoteliers and restaurateurs will be reactivated new trash bins, as well as the installation of signage for the next holiday period, that if it is true the concentration of visitors is widespread, a large number of walkers.

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