Mazatlan Real Estate Developers Entrust in Mayor Benítez


Mayor Guillermo Benitez Torres told us that everything will go well and that we adhere to the construction regulations, said Carlos Escobar, of the company Capsa y Desarrollos, who was with the mayor this morning to ask for his support in his work as builders and developers. real estate

In an interview, after the hearing with the mayor, he said that around 12 construction projects are held back by different complaints and shelters. He said those projects are in the area of ​​Gaviotas, El Dorado, and Lomas de Mazatlán.

Escobar indicated that they are satisfied after the interview and willing to comply with the construction laws, also “give certainty to the neighbors that we want the best development of the city and beautify the residential areas and that the use of land allows us to do our development “

The young entrepreneur said that this week they expect a broader response from the authorities to continue their work in accordance with the regulations and the Municipal Development Plan. He indicated that one of the great obstacles for his companies are the amparos of the law firm Álvarez y Asociados, who have committed many lies.

Carlos Escobar pointed out that there are projects that have been stopped since 2016. He said that at the meeting with the mayor there were 12 developers, including Capsa and Desarrollos, Busca Tú Casa, Icapital, among others. Even, there is a developer that comes from Poland.

Source: Sel

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