Mazatlan Direction of Ecology seeks the integral collaboration of citizenship to protect the environment


Maria de Lourdes Sanjuan Gallardo, explained that to prevent situations such as those of turtles and gray eagles, there must be a protocol of action

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Thanks to the support of the citizenship, it was possible to detect the presence of a Golf Turtle cemetery on Isla de Soto, as well as logging actions on the Isla de la Piedra, hence the importance of collaborative work, expressed María de Lourdes Sanjuán Gallardo.

The director of Ecology and Environment of the City of Mazatlan said that there is a rapprochement with three groups of people to take action in favor of nature, whereas a dependency provides advice and facilities in favor of detonating buttons to benefit the environment.

“Then through them is how we can detonate buttons of actions, sometimes we have neither the capacity nor the personnel, they are not our attributions, but we can advise them”.

Sanjuán Gallardo pointed out that the management is looking for the confirmation of protocols to address issues such as the turtle and the gray eagles, because by climate change many species will begin to look for spaces where they see their survival viable, without being affected by The urbanization.

“It is something that we are beginning to see and we are going to see a lot from here onwards due to climate change, that many species are going to approach where there is a water source, we are talking about wildlife, we must have a protocol, we have to prepare for situations like this “

The municipal official added that within the Municipal Development Plan comes actions of reforestation and education of the citizens, with a goal of planting a thousand trees in the rural and urban area, for which they have planted 400 trees of native species in the city.

Tortugas Golfinas in Mazatlán sea turtle cemetery

In Mazatlan, the world day of sea turtles has been celebrated in a different way, due to the discovery of a “cemetery” of chelonians on the so-called Isla de Soto, belonging to the ejido Isla de la Piedra; fact for which authorities such as the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection has taken action on the matter.


After the criminal complaint filed by Profepa’s office in Sinaloa, Violeta Meza Leyva, on Thursday morning, the attorney general went to the place where the 58 Tortugas Golfinas shells lay to make the removal of the remains, an operation that was in charge of inspector Raymundo Mora Burgueño.

“They counted 58, the common name is Golfina, the species is Lepidochelys Olivacea, already adults of 20 years, they are going to be watching those areas.”

Onboard pangas, the staff moved to the place, which is inaccessible by other means, where between the mangrove were the pieces half-buried in the garbage and the sand, which gave off a characteristic smell rather than decomposition, since it is estimated that the remains had been in place for quite some time.

Within the same boats, after a sculpting, the remains were moved to the beach area of ​​the Isla de la Piedra, where with a backhoe, a well of more than three meters was dug where the turtle shells were finally deposited. , which according to experts were more than twenty years old.

Source: linea directa

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