Consumers denounce that Mazda sells cars in Mexico without proper protections


A user of social networks denounced that the new  Mazda 2 Hatchback 2019 does not have rear bumpers since according to the employees of the agency it was not part of the company’s policy.

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The man, who identified himself as  Erson de Jesús Rivas González, said that he had acquired one of the vehicles, and when he became aware of the lack of bumpers, he went to the agency where he bought the car.

The managers explained that in Mexico the automakers are not required to add a rear defense to the cars, so it was not included.

The man pointed out the high risk involved in not having such protection in case of receiving an impact in the rear, there is no protection in an area where minors are usually found, not counting the tank fuel is located near the rear.

He pointed out that the company does not sell containment bars, since no vehicle in the country carries it, for which reason it must be imported from abroad.

He also clarified that by making such a modification, the company cancels the guarantee.

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He added that when buying the vehicle, he was offered a service to tint and polarize the windows at a cost of 1,800 pesos, however, the contract specifies that this feature is included in the factory.

He invited other buyers to verify that the cars have protection measures, as they can save lives.

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