Mazatlán Hoteliers maintain up to 97% occupancy at weekends


Julio Birrueta said that expos and conventions have benefited the Mazatlan since the occupancy during the week is higher than the same period last year.

Mazatlan, Sin.- Although the month of May and June is the low season for the hotel sector of Mazatlan in the Zona Dorada, expos and conventions generate a respite, as the weekend occupancy reaches 68 percent levels, higher than last year in the same period, which was 66 percent, said Julio Birrueta.

The leader of hotels and tourism companies in Mazatlan said that on weekends the occupation remains at levels of 85 percent, although there are some towers that reach 97 percent in occupancy since these are the headquarters of conventions and conferences. 

“We are a little more advanced as far as occupancy goes than last year, we are at 675, we are going to finish at 68% for the two months, the weekends between 80% and 85%, but some hotels are above 90% and 97% in occupancy”.

When questioned about the acts of violence that have occurred in recent days in Mazatlan, the businessman said he was worried, as it is a sensitive issue that could directly affect the image and stability of the tourist, as well as the worker’s peace of mind. They could return home and see that they broke into their house, so the municipal authorities should do better policing. 

“We are still in something that we could say is controlled, we are a tourist city, we must be very careful, we must move as soon as possible at the municipal level because this is a responsibility of the municipality, and the local police, so that it does not increase, There is a way to do it, and those who know must know how to move forward. “

Julio Birrueta trusts that occupancy levels will be maintained since it is not a holiday period, tourists arrive at the destination to take advantage of the accessible rates offered by the various hotels.

Source: linea directa

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