Tamarind is not only excellent in taste, but it is very good for health due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it provides us with vitamin A, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium.

Very useful to clean the intestine, it is a mild laxative that does not cause side effects and by consuming it we purify the body of the harmful substances that we ingest in the meat, canned or highly processed products.

Because it deflates, people with arthritis will feel better if they include it 3 or 4 times a week in freshwater or use it as a liver detox tea. When fighting infections, it is recommended in cases of cystitis or painful urination, in cases of vaginal infection and strengthens the immune system.

If there is pain in the joints or what many people call “bone pain”, take a Tamarind tea every morning and the problem disappears. If they have detected fatty liver, the tamarind will help you clean it, lose weight and cleanse this important organ.


Without taking a Tamarindo tea daily or consuming it in pod, it has the benefit of regulating blood sugar levels, avoiding decompensation.

Tamarind tea

The power that it has to reduce inflammation, causes the swelling in the abdomen to decrease as it is consumed, also favors the elimination of retained liquids.

If you have hair loss problems, make a Te and place with the help of a cotton ball on the scalp at night for 15 days, you will see as there will be no fall and the hair is more docile and has more shine.

Due to the potassium that it has, it is very good for the health of the heart. If you do not have good digestion, include tamarind in your diet. In addition, the infusion of tamarind leaves removes intestinal parasites.

When you have physical exhaustion, drink plenty of tamarind water to recover the lost energy.

Way to prepare Tamarind tea

  • In a liter of boiling water, place two tamarind pods about 10 centimeters, let it boil on low heat for 10 minutes and let cool.
  • In refrigeration, you can leave it for 3 to 5 days.
  • You can freeze portions of a cup in the fridge and then take the ones you need.
  • You can also consume it in fresh water or in pieces.

Source: todo mujer, lahora.pe

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