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American consumers will pay more for Sinaloan Mexican tomatoes

For the imposition of the tax will have to pay between 40 and 80% more and sinaloan horticulturalists will stop exporting, says Cancintra

Culiacán , Sinaloa .- American consumers will be the most affected with the imposition of the 17.5% tariff on the export of Mexican tomatoes, said Emilio Hernández Kelly.

The president of Canacintra Mazatlan commented that when the tomato becomes more expensive, the main consumer of the United States will have to pay a high percentage to acquire it.

He added that those who process the product will pay more, not being self-sufficient, so that even if there is a compensatory tariff, the affected will be the foreign consumer, since they will have to absorb the excess cost that comes from Mexico.

It is more important what Mexico is sending, in case there was a compensatory tariff, it would be the only case for Mexico, but we have a lot of national production so that we do not have to buy abroad, but in general, the effect is for the American consumer.

Emilio Hernández Kelly.

Hernández Kelly pointed out that in Mexico there is a large production of tomatoes, and in other regions, they are greenhouse or hydroponics, which will follow the market and will be more expensive, but in general the Mexican consumer will not be affected.

He pointed out that the United States can not cope with its local production but needs to import, which will benefit local tomato farmers in the region, but even so, the vegetable will continue to be exported.

According to the State Secretariat of Economy, the export of tomatoes that Sinaloa made last year was 409 million dollars, which represents 20% of what was exported in total from Mexico to the United States, so a 17.5 % tax would impact the sector.

409 million dollars last year registered Sinaloa in tomato exports.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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