Café Tacvba’s van robbed and crew beaten on the way to Cancun


Mexican rock band Café Tacvba says it has had its van full of instruments stolen and crew members attacked en route to a gig in Cancún.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the band said hijackers took instruments and equipment “indispensable for any Café Tacvba show”.

“Two of our crew members were brutally beaten and briefly kidnapped,” it said.

The band vowed to perform on Saturday regardless. Police have reportedly found the van abandoned and empty.

The stretch of road, running from the central city of Puebla to the Caribbean resort town of Cancún through the state of Veracruz, is known for hijackings.

Formed in 1989, Café Tacvba is one of Mexico’s most well-known and successful rock bands. The group has won nine Latin Grammys and one Grammy in 2004 for their fifth album Cuatro Caminos.

Rolling Stone magazine once called Café Tacvba the “Mexican Beatles” and compared them to Radiohead – prompting complaints from fans who insist the band is unique.

“So Radiohead are the English Tacvba Café?”, one fan tweeted.

The police find the Tacvba Café truck totally empty in a zone held by huachicoleros

The Mexican group Café Tacvba called on the authorities of the state of Puebla and the Public Security of the federal government to carry out the corresponding actions to recover their work tools and punish the subjects who beat and retained two of the members of your team.

The instruments and production equipment that Café Tacvba would use for a concert to be held in Cancun, Quintana Roo, were stolen this Thursday when they were traveling in the state of Puebla. Hours after the announcement of the band, the federal police notified the finding of the truck. However, it was totally empty.

In a statement, the group explained that the instruments, consoles, teamwork and more -and that remain aparecer- were stolen in an attack the assault before 7:00 pm on Thursday on the Puebla-Cordoba road to the height of the municipality of Acatzingo.

According to information from Central Newspaper, the unit behind the Central de Abastos de Huixcolotla of the state totally empty. In an area known for the retail sale of huachicol.

According to the statements made by those affected to the authorities, fourth members of the band were traveling in the heavy box-type unitary truck, International brand red when at kilometer 164 + 000, when a Ford Grand Marquiz brand cream automobile was intercepted, in which subjects with long weapons traveled. Two of the men on the production team were beaten and kidnapped for a time.

The criminals pointed and ordered the driver to stop and he, out of fear, obeyed. At that moment, four men with weapons in hand descended from the Grand Marquiz, and lowered the operator and his companion from the truck.

The unit was found in an area known for cargo theft. Photo: Central Newspaper

The men, identified as Francisco RG and Aldo LP, were interned in a field of cultivation, where they remained guarded by two other people while the rest of the delinquents took the truck, in which two other assistants traveled.

Minutes later, two people had contact with elements of the Federal Police and after reporting what happened, a search operation was implemented.

It was about 8:30 hours, when the uniformed found a truck with the aforementioned characteristics. The unit was abandoned in a vacant lot in the back of the Central de Abastos de Huixcolotla, and had the doors open.

It was abandoned with the doors open, the box closed and with visible material damage in the upper front: box, chest and windshield, details the official report.

While the police were reviewing the unit, they heard cries for help from the two persons deprived of their liberty; These were identified as Luis Alfredo CS and José Adrián RG and, after being released, they informed the authorities that they had scarcely 5 minutes of having arrived there and that before, the criminals lowered the entire load and fled in a red pick-up truck. . In addition, they threatened and beat them because “they had already warned the police of the robbery”.

Although the four members who were traveling in the truck are already out of danger and the truck was recovered, the instruments could not be located.

“With great frustration, we inform you that we are trying to manage what is necessary before the corresponding authorities to recover our instruments and equipment, however, we will still fulfill the spectacle we have planned in Cancun, next May 4th.”

The band called on the authorities of the state of Puebla and the Public Security of the federal government to deploy the corresponding actions to recover their work tools.

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Café Tacvba is a legendary band from Ciudad Satélite whose members also have a great presence in different causes, especially ecologists. They stay away from politics but have no doubt in supporting a cause when they consider it fair. His vocalist has been a campaign spokesman to rescue Mexican corn or Greenpeace.

The band was born in 1989 and today is considered an integral cultural project that mixes rock with Mexican folk music. He has enjoyed awards and distinctions throughout his career. It is formed by Rubén Isaac Albarrán Ortega (in the voice), Emmanuel del Real Díaz, José Alfredo Rangel Arroyo and Enrique Rangel Arroyo.


Two years ago, the alternative rock band Molotov reported the theft of “bass, guitars, audio consoles, amplifiers and essential equipment to make a show” in Ixtlahuaca, State of Mexico.

They reported that the individuals who assaulted carried long weapons with which they intimidated the driver and three of his companions, whom they left brutally beaten and thrown on the road.

A week later the band announced that thanks to the work of the state authorities and their followers, by the dissemination of the news, the team was located.

After the assault, the band had to postpone their presentation at the Morelia, Michoacán fair, which finally took place successfully the past a week later.

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