Mazatlan: To avoid accidents, they will close the parking lot in the Marina, opposite La Consentida


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- With the aim of preventing new accidents in the area of ​​the Marina, as happened in Easter Week and Easter Week, the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres will request those in charge of managing these zones to close the parking lot located in front of La Consentida, Pata Latino, Precopa and Privé.

And it is that what is sought to avoid is that those who leave these clubs and bars while intoxicated, cross the street and risking their lives, as there are vehicles that pass at high speed, the mayor said.

“We are solving the issue of strengthening where there were many accidents, compared to La Consentida in the Marina. We started with signs, and we asked the people of the Marina to close the parking lot in front because part of the problem is that people crossed to a parking lot along the avenue and sometimes in inconvenient states, because what we do is prepare ourselves so that they do not happen these accidents, “he said.

Another measure with which will act is to change the type of lighting for one that shines more, because what is currently has is tenuous. The bushes will also be pruned so that both drivers and pedestrians can observe both sides before crossing.

“We sent to see that there was no different lighting, that everything that had obstruction in visibility was cut out. Putting speed reducers is not convenient because it would cause other types of accidents, “he said.

Regarding Motorcycle Week, Benítez Torres acknowledged that there is a lack of police elements and this resulted in the loss of order in some areas of the tourist strip.

“In the first place, it will be done in another week, we are going to leave the Easter week free to look for another type of tourism in Mazatlan. We will strengthen what was done. I recognize that we lack security personnel, in that we are with the boys in the schools, for the other year we will have more and we will strengthen, “he concluded.

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