The first stage of beautification of the southern entrance of Mazatlan begins


Mazatlan.- The government headed by Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres began this weekend, through the Department of Parks and Gardens, the embellishment project at the southern entrance of the port.

From 07:00 hours this Saturday, personnel in charge of machinery and cleaning, began with the work of removal of land in the central median located on the Carretera Internacional to the south, at the height of Urías.

The encomienda is clear, finish it before the start of the Easter holiday period.

The project consists of rehabilitating and embellishing four hundred meters of ridges with two thousand meters of grass, more than three thousand plants of color and arborization throughout the area.

It contemplates a novel design of visual impact, in such a way that when the citizens observe it, it will be a surprise.

The head of the department, Alberto Zambrano Bañuelos, said that it is a challenge that is carried out in conjunction with his staff, so he asks for the understanding of citizens for the inconvenience that may be generated by the machinery that is working in the area.

“We have planned to finish this first stage of beautification four hundred meters by request of the mayor, in an ambitious project; We put ourselves a personal challenge to finish it before Easter and to give a taste to the citizens, “he said.

The beautification project of the southern entrance of Mazatlán comprises four stages: the first is that of the central ridge of Uria, the second stage belongs to Uriah to the Sirena, a third of the Sirena to Ejido El Castillo and the fourth stage will include up to entrance to the airport.

Source: entreveredas, sedsinaloa

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