Mazatlan: 98 public and private lifeguards graduated after successfully completing exhaustive training


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- This Saturday morning, 98 public and private lifeguards graduated and successfully completed a 3-week exhaustive training, where they improved techniques of water rescue and rescue, prior to the security operation that will be implemented in Holy Week.

Ricardo Olivo Cruz said that the purpose of continuing to train water personnel year after year is to safeguard the welfare of families who visit our beaches, due to the fact that there has been a significant increase in visitors in recent years.

“The importance is to be more competent, to have more up-to-date public servants in this type of techniques, as well as the rest of the secretaries, watered in the good sense of the word, throughout the beach area to safeguard the integrity of all bathers “.

For his part, Jesus Nunez, passionate about the ocean, lifeguard, tells us what it means for him to be the difference between life and death of a person.

“For me it is a tradition, my grandfather was a lifesaver as a young man, and I like the sea a lot, I like many water sports, swimming; I have had situations of people who get in and do not know how to swim; every time you save someone you feel the commitment, that you need to always be there to support. “

The Secretary of Public Safety added that night raids will be implemented in different guards, and informed that there will be a deployment of support from the personnel of the Secretary of the Navy.

Source: linea directa

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