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Mazatlán suspends public bicycle operations from the Malecon

* The City Council will revoke the agreement 
* After not fulfilling the installation in Linear Park

Friday night they began to place the seal of Clausurado in the stations located in the Del Mar Avenue.

The Municipal Government will carry out the revocation of the agreement of the Public Bicycle System that operates since the first of February on the Malecón, due to the fact that the VBike company failed to comply with the installation of a second polygon that would be located in the Linear Park.

The creation of the second circuit was scheduled to start on January 27, 2019 and was consolidated on February 20, in the aforementioned area.

The Public Bicycle System would operate there with 50 units in five arrival zones, and could increase the number of vehicles and bicipuertos, this according to a study and evaluations that would be carried out every three months.

According to the information of those who participated, they had not paid the permit to the municipality and that is why they acted; However, a few minutes later they fixed things and proceeded to remove tapes and seals. 
The city council issued a statement in which it says it will revoke the agreement with the company because it failed to install a second polygon in the linear park.

Source: Sel, Rasnocticias

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