AMLO will not help Mexican companies but asks Mexican for help


Within the AMLO Government, they will not help companies that are inefficient, regardless of whether they are Mexican. He also noted that there is not enough experience in Mexico to build the Dos Bocas refinery.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, made it clear that there are no Mexican companies capable of building his refinery in Dos Bocas,  Tabasco. He said he will not support those who were “corrupt or inefficient, because the country is first independently if they are of Mexican origin.

“What interests us is to rescue Pemex and that the town does not pay dearly for gasoline. We will not be maintaining inefficient companies. “

For AMLO, there are no parties, unions and government banks, there will be no favorite companies either. “That ends. No more government’s favorite suppliers, nothing, nothing, nothing. We are going to what best suits the interest of the nation. “

The objective of AMLO is to rescue Pemex and that the town does not pay dearly for gasoline.

For the construction of the refinery, the best companies in the world are being called for this purpose, because what interests us here is the end, not the means, said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Ask for help

AMLO in his speech said that “the damage they did was very much, we have to make a list of grievances, that is, help me. There was no refinery for 40 years in the country. “

The last refinery in the country was built in 1982, which company has experience in building refineries? He asked. The four we are calling “recently have each made more than 100 refineries, there is one that has built more than 200 refineries in the world”.

Source: La Verdad

The Mazatlan Post