Mazatlan municipality to enforce laws against use of public spaces by street vendors


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Dozens of businesses that sell seafood and all kinds of food, as well as a wide variety of products, have appropriated sidewalks, and even the street, before the complacency of the authority. On repeated occasions, municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres points out that no one in his government can be above the law. He said that they are working to decide what they will do with businesses that do not respect public roads.

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Order will be placed throughout the municipality, he stressed.

They resist

The senior officer, Verónica Guadalupe Bátiz Acosta, accepted that business on the sidewalks is a serious problem. 
He added that businessmen are reluctant to free space. Operatives have already been implemented and they are removed, but after a few days they return.

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It is a problem that exists throughout the city and will intensify actions to stop this phenomenon that affects the citizens who walk and also motorists. He was questioned about all the seafood businesses that are located between the avenues Rotarismo and Río Presidio that occupy the middle of the street with the tables, and Bátiz said that today (Wednesday, March 20) the complaint will be dealt with.

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They trust solution 

Neighbors and business owners in that area reported that they have been asking the order authority for years.
They hope that now with the government of the change they will liberate the street, to travel without any problem, commented Maricela Tirado and Guadalupe Quintana.

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They reiterate that they are not against the businesses that are established there, because they also generate sources of employment. What they demand is that they do not affect third parties. 

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The civil employee emphasized that the permits that are granted is for commercial space. If they move to a space like a sidewalk, they can also have space. But on the street there is no authorization.

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