Sinaloa: Remodeling of the indigenous ceremonial center of San Jerónimo de Mochicahui

Iberdrola invests 1.5 million pesos in the integral remodeling of the center; the works are expected to conclude in 15 days

El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- The Spanish company Iberdrola invests one and a half million pesos in the comprehensive remodeling of the indigenous ceremonial center of San Jerónimo de Mochicahui , whose work will be completed before the Easter holidays.

“Thanks to the management we did before Iberdrola, the indigenous ceremonial center of San Jerónimo de Mochicahui was already invested a million and a half pesos, it is very beautiful, in fifteen days they deliver it completely finished, it has its new benches, it has the very beautiful enramada, the ceremonial center with its sanitary services, with its perimeter fence, “said the mayor Nubia Ramos Carbajal.

He added that the City Council completed the rehabilitation of ceremonial centers in Charay, Tehueco, Capomos, Jahuara II, Sibirijoa and the sacred sites of Jahuara and El Rincon de Aliso that are ready for the celebration of the festivities of Easter. 

It is expected the participation of more than five thousand Jews in the seven ceremonial centers during the holy days.

Ramos Carbajal detailed that in each of the sacred places the public lighting network was repaired, the electric power network was rehabilitated, the enramada was rehabilitated, the cross of forgiveness, rehabilitation work was carried out and the access to each one was irrigated of the ceremonial centers and the two sacred sites.

Ramos Carbajal stressed that the traditional governors along with the Council of Elders and the older Jews named the Captain of Jews, the greater drum, the greater deer and the chicotero of each of the ceremonial centers that will go to the head of the five thousand Jews who will participate during the days of Holy Week.

Source: El Debate

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