Ratification of the USMCA will take place between May and June


The official explained that political calendars in the US and Canada would help make this possible.

The new trade agreement between Mexico, the United States and Canada (USMCA) is expected to be ratified between May and June 2019, although this process could be extended for a longer period of time, according to Jesus Seade, assistant secretary for North America in the Secretariat. of Foreign Relations (SRE).

“That arises (the departure before the third quarter of this year). Those who have imminent political calendars are the United States and Canada and the batteries are being set to leave before half a year, “said the official as he left the forum” The commercial relationship in North America and the fate of the T-MEC ” by Baker McKenzie.

For his part, Miguel Noyola, partner in Washington DC of the law firm, said it is unlikely that the ratification will occur in May, however, there is a “fatal process that must be met.

“There are no times, that is what is expected (between May and June) and the process is accelerated, but in the United States there are approval deadlines and reports to receive and then there is a break in your Congress and it is not clear if you want to create extraordinary sessions for this issue or if they will postpone it for October or 2020, “he added.

This trade agreement was agreed on September 30, 2018 and signed in November, after more than a year of negotiations and pressure by the government of Donald Trump to make changes in important sectors such as the automotive industry.

Source: Forbes

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