Police authorities prepare for Easter, in Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sin.- In the Public Security and Municipal Transit Secretariat, they prepare with the operatives and strategies to be implemented for the Easter holiday period in Mazatlan, said Ricardo Olivo Cruz.

The high command of the local corporation said that by that date will have the support of the three orders of government to monitor, care for and safeguard the lives of all citizens in the tourist destination.

“There are also elements to support us to be in those places, there are the Mixed Operations Bases, there is the Military Police that we always have their support because everyone is going to concentrate here in the area of ​​beaches and well, it will be a bigger circuit than us. we are going to distribute all of them to provide security … ” 
” … we are going to request again the helicopter and the drones as in other years it has been carried out, “he said.

The Secretary of Public Safety revealed that the return of the “Par Vial” for Camarón Sábalo Avenue is under analysis, as well as some other strategies to avoid traffic congestion on the tourist side of the port.

“That is still under consideration and we are going to value it to see what is going on, it should be noted that our operative elements have enough years of experience and that operation, because it is simply enough to carry it out …”

“… it is your opportunity you are going to do the first ones in which you will find out, and we will make known once we have all the objectives set and ready,” he said.

Olivo Cruz said he will ask the state security officer for the support of a helicopter, and the four drones to protect Mazatlan in these days with greater influx of vacationers.

Source: linea directa

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