Mexico adds 152 Catholic priests suspended for pedophilia


Pope Francis will receive from February 21 to 24 at the Vatican the bishops of the church to discuss the thorny issue.

At least 152 priests of the Catholic Church were suspended in the last nine years for sexual abuse of minors in Mexico, the national episcopal conference said.

In this sense, Pope Francis will receive from the 21st to the 24th of February in the Vatican the bishops of the church to deal with the thorny issue of sexual abuse in the institution, something that has eroded his credibility.

“Some delinquent priests are in jail, others have already been suspended from their priestly ministry. So far this past nine years 152 priests have been removed from the ministry, “said the president of the Conference of the Mexican Bishops (CEM), Bishop Rogelio Cabrera.

“Some, because of the size of the guilt, have had to go to jail, some have already purged it, others are still doing it,” added the archbishop of Monterrey, before assuring that he has no reports of abuses against nuns in the country. , after the Pope admitted that priests and bishops used nuns as “sexual slaves”.

In recent years, allegations of abuse of minors by Catholic priests in various countries of the world have come to light, something that shook the foundations of the Holy See.

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The response of the Church to the crisis has varied from one country to another. While there are clear and strict procedures to prevent abuses in countries like the United States, in others, especially in the developing world, they have lagged behind.

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Pope Francis has repeatedly promised zero tolerance for priests who abuse children, but critics demand more action.

Source: Reuters

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