They find a corpse inside a suitcase on a cruise ship in Mazatlan


On board the cruise ship Vidanta Elegant, owned by a shipping company based in Vallarta, Jalisco personnel found the corpse inside a suitcase..

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A call for help alerted the authorities of justice, they find a body in a suitcase in Mazatlan, aboard the cruise ship. Approximately at 11:30 hours.

According to the information gathered, a suitcase was abandoned in a place on the ship, so the bell staff, together with the security and customer service agents of the cruise, proceeded to open the suitcase to see if there was any information from its owner.

When the luggage was opened, inside was a body of a male person with multiple injuries, witnessing the horrible event, the ship staff workers alerted the police.

While the authorities were arriving, the personnel was dedicated to control the passengers since the rumor had run throughout the ship so they decided to send the travelers to take a tour of Mazatlan.

Upon arrival, the staff of the State Attorney’s Office asked the cruise manager to check the bracelet number that the deceased had on his right hand to know what name he had, what room he was in and whether he was coming with a companion. 

After reviewing the data the man responded to the name of César N. of 41 years of Mexican nationality who traveled with another companion. 

Rapidly, the investigative staff undertook the task of looking for the companion, finding in the cabin a man who responds to the name of Acaso N. of 48 years of Brazilian nationality, who was arrested by the police. 

Once all the information was retrieved, the body was transferred to the facilities of the Semefo.

Unofficial sources commented that the subject lost his life when he was stabbed with a knife in various parts of the body.

Hoteles Dinamicos issued a statement as a clarification, saying that the ship arrived at Mazatlan 12 days ago to undergo maintenance work, and no passengers were on board. The individuals involved in the fight were workers from a sub-contractor.

Source: El Debate

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