Sinaloa mayor defends the gay community with verse from the Bible


Guillermo Chapman is the mayor of Ahome, one of the municipalities of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico. A few days ago, Chapman opened an event where the rights of the LGBT + community in the city would be discussed , but some religious groups appeared in the forum to prevent the event from being achieved.

According to Carmen Balcázar, director of Somos Familia, ” you can not implement these forums with so many needs in the municipality .” Balcázar also commented that parents are not willing to implement these policies for trans people, because according to their testimony, they confuse young people and adolescents.

Among many questions and detractors, Guillermo Chapman did not agree to the negative comments of the conservative groups, and read a fragment of the Bible:

“Brother, if you really believe in Jesus, our Lord the glorious Christ, do not make differences between people”

The organizations against the rights of the LGBT + community did not stop with their criticism, however, the forum continued normally with the support of the mayor and the municipal director of the DIF, Gladys Fabiola Santana Cota.


The Mazatlan Post