Civil Protection in Mazatlan will activate security plan for Carnival


Eloy Ruiz Castelo said that the inspection will be in the various businesses established in Paseo Claussen and Avenida del Mar to ensure the safety of tourists and consumers.

Mazatlan, Sin.- With the objective of promoting the culture of prevention at all levels, starting this Monday, February 11, the inspection of established businesses in Paseo Claussen and Avenida del Mar begins to improve the level of safety and guarantee it to favor of visitors, said Eloy Ruiz Castelo.

The municipal coordinator of Civil Protection in Mazatlan explained that the review will be in restaurants, bars, in addition to the commercial zone of Plazuela Machado, and in hotels, a sector that is concerned in supporting greater security and stability to users and because of that they are already working for you.

“The purpose of these revisions is again to guarantee the safety of the people who are going to be enjoying our carnival parties, which is the number one party here in our city, there are areas for improvement that are already working, hoteliers in that sense” .

He also mentioned that last Friday culminated the inspection in the municipal market José María Pino Suárez as well as 280 establishments, where the tenants were friendly, since this is to improve the level of security in each of the commercial premises, said the Coordinator of Civil Protection.

“The results will be seen in the short term, if there are areas of opportunity that you have to begin to correct they are committed to collaborate in whatever is necessary, they are aware that they need to improve what are the levels of security in each of the commercial premises. “

Ruiz Castelo before these courtesy visits that are made in the city, invites tenants, tenants or faced of the established businesses to allow them to make a review inside their buildings to ensure their safety and that of their customers.

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