The EuroJazz 2019 brings musicians from Spain, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy and Germany who can listen to the outdoors.

As every year the Eurojazz arrives at the National Arts Center.

Jazz was very well received in Mexico since the Porfiriato , a time when highly successful national bands were formed in the country of the north and they returned to integrate this rhythm into bars and cabarets. All Nuts Jazz Band, The Seven Crazy Jazz and Winter Garden Jazz Band were the first bands that introduced the “violent rhythm” that, as in cities like New Orleans , was related to the debacle: alcohol, marijuana and prostitution.

Others, like José Vasconcelos, were reluctant to this new rhythm: “I banned jazz, I banished it from schools . […] the jazzes, the blues, the tangos and rumbas of the North American market . Art of brutalization, ingestion of syncopated vulgarity, mechanized, covered with the balar of the calves , as it happens in the song of those that the cinema of Hollywood divulges “.

This genre found its place in the foxtrot, the two-step and the big bands , those big bands like Duke Ellington (that without much fuss was presented in Fine Arts until 1968 to dedicate Mexicancipation ). One of the greats of those years was Luis Alcaraz, who in addition to having successful tours in the United States, recorded soundtracks for several films in Hollywood.

For the forties, the “new jazz”, the bebop, emerges, in this style appear the smallest jazz groups, training that is maintained until today and could be presented once again in more accessible places like bars and cafes that saw the birth to great musicians such as pianist Mario Patrón (who accompanied Louis Armstrong on a tour of the United States); the trumpeter Chilo Moran (part of the orchestras of Agustín Lara and Pérez Prado); bassist Víctor Ruiz Pazos (acclaimed by Charlie Byrd); and the percussionist and pianist Tino Contreras, who recorded the first national record of this type (Jazz in Mexico) and who has played in the best places for this music in the world, such as the Blue Note of Paris.

Today, jazz is so permeated with music that we hardly notice it, it is already part of our musical culture thanks to the fact that since the seventies specialized forums, clubs and festivals have been created, as well as the Eurojazz that brings us what best of old continent.

Nowadays the Jazz from Spain, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany and Poland , among others, arrives in Aztec lands presenting 14 concerts scheduled for this 22nd edition of the Eurojazz Festival, which takes place outdoors at the National Arts Center, on weekends in March, remember to arrive early to grab a good place. Here we leave the full billboard so you do not miss any concert.

Saturday 9

5:00 pm Luis Verde Quartet (Spain)

Sunday 10

13:30 Jazzical Trio (Hungary)

5:00 PM Hi5 Minimal Jazz Chamber Music (Austria)

Saturday 16

13:30 Otto Hejnic Trio (Czech Republic)

5:00 PM Kevin Brady Trio (Ireland)

Sunday 17

13:30 Enrico Lenzin & Andreas Puppato (Switzerland)

5:00 pm Bernard Van Rossum Quartet (The Netherlands)

Saturday 23

13:30 Sikora Culpo Duo (Ireland)

5:00 PM Carolina Katún (France)

Sunday 24

5:00 PM Luca Santaniello and Emanuele Cisi 4ETO (Italy)

Saturday 30

13:30 Senza (Portugal)

5:00 PM Max Andrzejewski’s HÜTTE (Germany)

Sunday 31

13:30 Ester Wiesnerova (Slovakia)

5:00 PM Leszek Mozdzer (Poland)

EuroJazz 2019 Festival at the CNA

Where? Green areas of the National Arts Center, Av. Río Churubusco # 79, Col. Country Club Churubusco

When? From Sat. 9 to sun March 31, 2019, 13:30 and 17:00

Free admission

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