Mocorito inaugurates its sunflower maze


With the presence of the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros, the mayor Guillermo “Memo” Galindo; the Directorate of Municipal Tourism cut the bar to inaugurate the season Sunflowers Mocorito 2019.The Director of Tourism, Jessy Martinez explained that unlike 2017, this time is the City Council of Mocorito who was responsible for cultivation through the Directorate of Agricultural Development, while the Directorate of Tourism was responsible for equipping and give conditions to enable the tourist influx.”Two years ago it was the farmer, Gregorio” El Cuate “Aguilar who ventured with this type of crop, apparently did not obtain the expected results, but had a great collateral tourism impact that today we decided to exploit it in a more appropriate way to receive tourists.

Therefore, now as authorities we have three objectives with the crop: the first is for research purposes to study plant performance and offer alternatives to Mocoritian farmers, the second objective is the tourist purpose to exploit the potential generated by this tourist drag and visitors, and as a third objective is a social goal, since Red Cross will be starting its pre-collection in the Field of Sunflowers so that tourists and visitors make a voluntary donation from a penny onwards to help the Red Cross cause.

For its part, the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Óscar Pérez Barros, once again congratulated the municipal administration of “Memo” Galindo for that creativity and ways to generate and attract tourists and visitors. He again put the municipality of Mocorito as an example to follow, since for a long time they have shown it with other events such as Plaza Friday.

While Mayor Guillermo “Memo” Galindo stated that the Field of Sunflowers this time was prepared with two spaces for parking within the same crop, as well as arrangements to make it more attractive to tourists as it is a labyrinth and perfect spaces for tourist postcards , also garbage cans, access and exit entrance. All thanks to the fact that it is now the city council that organized the cultivation. Finally, he urged visitors and tourists to respect social norms and behaviors to avoid accidents and enjoy the natural spectacle that only Mocorito has.

Source: asieslapolitica

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