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Sinaloa garbanzo growers protest and threaten road closures

Producers no longer want to continue selling at the same price for 40 years.


In March the growers begin to harvest and they are no longer willing to continue recieving the same thousand 100 dollars for the grain that is exported, since it is the same price for 40 years, criticized Justo Puerta Mariscal.

The leader of the Citizen Movement of the Defense of the Earth and Work, said mobilizations are foreseen to demand an adequate payment to the crop estimated at 65 thousand tons.

“More than 40 years at the same price, one thousand, one thousand 100 dollars and we want to make a call to the buyers that they will not wholesale and offer for export,” he said.

He expressed that there is distrust that the one thousand 100 pesos paid is to low and not acceptable, wholesellers are left with a wide margin of profits.

He specified that only 30 percent of the garbanzo that reaches the sizes they demand abroad is exported, so that the rest of the production remains at a lower price.

They do not want to blockade roads; ask for fair prices

The president of the League of Agrarian Communities said that they hope that the dialogue will be fruitful in the search for the profitability of the field.

The producers do not want to continue exposing themselves in the streets and taking roads, they bet on the dialogue’s triumph and the federal government will give an adequate treatment to the Sinaloan countryside for profitability, said Faustino Hernández Álvarez, president of the League of Agrarian Communities.

At a press conference he said that until now, the announcements for the commercialization of corn by the authority leave out the producers of the state because it focuses on those who sow for subsistence and not in commercial terms.

“Do not walk in the streets, exposing ourselves on the roads, first we go for dialogue, hopefully through dialogue and especially the management of our friend Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, we have a fair and profitable price, but we do not rule out the mobilizations, “he said.

He announced that on Tuesday the governor of Sinaloa, Quirino Ordaz Coppel will meet with the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Sedar, Víctor Manuel Villalobos Arámbula and the chief director of Aserca, Arturo Puente González to follow up on the list of requests It was delivered to the President of Mexico, signed by 15 agricultural organizations.

He recalled that the proposals made to the president of the nation include the needs of farmers of all basic grains that are established in Sinaloa and that in the case of corn aspire to a minimum price of four thousand 500 pesos and in the bean of 25 thousand pesos per ton.

He clarified that they do not rule out mobilizations if there is no response to their demand for adequate prices for the crops.

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