What are the fresh chiles called when they are dried?


The chile is one of the kings of Mexican cuisine and Latin American . There are about 64 species in Mexico and its name comes from Nahuatl chili .

This ingredient is commonly found in dishes of Mexican cuisine and along with corn and beans is one of the most important and popular. There are dry and fresh , the fresh contain a large amount of vitamin C and dried vitamin A, the latter are characterized by its dark reddish brown.

Here we present what are the fresh chiles and what they are called when they are dry:

Jalapeño- Chipotle

The jalapeño pepper you find in various preparations such as sauces, pickle or stuffing.

The jalapeño pepper, dry and smoked is the chipotle chile , its carcteristic flavor is somewhat sweet. This is found in prepared sauces, canned or whole. With it they prepare cakes and stews like the tinga.

Poblano – Chile Ancho

The poblano pepper is probably one of the most famous chiles, it is bigger compared to the others, it is not very spicy and it is common to find it stuffed with picadillo or the famous chile en nogada.

The wide chili “chile ancho” can be eaten stuffed, in enchilada sauce or whole for stews with chicken, mushrooms or meat.

Ball – Cascabel

The chile ball or marble , is not very spicy, is small and has a green-yellow color. Fresco is used to prepare the texmole : a soupy dish that takes meat, vegetables and thickens with corn. It is commonly found in the central area of ​​the country.

The chili ball, dry is the chili pepper , the name is because the loose seeds resemble the sound of a rattle or rattle. We find it in dishes such as sauces, stews and rice dishes.

 Anaheim – Colorado

The Anaheim chile , is eaten weathered, in rajas or in eggs. It is easily found in Mexico and in California, United States. It is very popular because it is not very spicy.

The red chile is commonly used for sauces or some type of mole. Its flavor is intense but not dominant or so spicy.

Mirasol – Guajillo

The mirasol  is used in raw sauces or to accompany stews.

The chile guajillo is one of the most famous in Mexico, with it they prepare enchiladas, moles and preparations with chicken or meat.

Chilaca – Pasilla

The chile chilaca is similar to the Anaheim, it is eaten capeado or in rajas.

In its dry form, it is known as chile pasilla , and can be tasted in steaks, sauces for pork or enchiladas.

Serrano – Dry Chile

The serrano pepper is eaten in raw sauces, it can be spicy and can be found chopped in tacos or pico de gallo.

The dried chili as it is known usually used for preparations as snacks, sauces or oil stains.

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