Judge orders suspension of ammonia factory in Sinaloa due to ecological risk


This Friday, a district judge decreed the temporary suspension of a controversial ammonia factory located in Topolobampo (Sinaloa), due to the ecological risk it represents for the region; It is located in an area declared as protected by its wetlands.

José Francisco Pérez Mier , Seventh District Judge of the state of Sinaloa, determined to stop the advancement of said complex based on a faculty known as in dubio pro natura , which allows a judgment to be made to seek protection of the environment even without conclusive studieson the risk to a certain ecosystem.

Thus, it is that the inhabitants of the ejido ‘El Muellecito’ got the protection to stop the construction of this factory, which they processed in December of last year. The industrial site is located in the region known as Bahias de Santa María-Topolobampo-Ohuira ; which is included in the list of Ramsar Sites due to the importance of its wetlands.

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When the project – promoted by former presidential candidate Francisco Labastida Ochoa – was proposed in 2014, the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp) denied permission for its location in a protected area.

However, several instances, such as the federal Semarnat and the government of the state of Sinaloa, met with the former PRI presidential candidate, and a few days later the decision was made to revoke the refusal and begin construction of the factory . Since then, the ejidatarios and various organizations have fought to stop the project.

Source: Sin Embargo y Vanguardia .

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