US will return caravan migrants to Mexico


The Mexican government announced yesterday that the United States plans to return 20 migrants a day to Mexican territory while awaiting a response from the US government to their asylum requests. 

The spokesman of the Secretariat of Foreign Relations (SRE) Roberto Velasco said that Mexico “does not coincide with the unilateral measure implemented by the United States Government”, but it will receive the migrants. 

The first migrants to participate in this US pilot plan would be presented at the San Ysidro port, the busiest passage in the border city of Tijuana. 

They would be Central Americans and all have temporary humanitarian visas to be in Mexican territory that allow multiple entries and exits from Mexico, Velasco said.

He added that the US government wants to gradually extend the plan to the rest of the border crossings. UNILATERAL MEASURE The Government of Mexico considered unilateral the measure of the United States to return to Mexico migrants who processed their asylum. “Mexico reiterates that it does not accept a Secure Third Country Agreement with the Government of the United States, an agreement of this nature would imply a binding commitment to process in our territory all asylum applications to the United States of migrants that pass through our country and take responsibility full by its legal status, “he warned.

“The members of the group would be people from different countries of Central America who began their process to obtain asylum in that country, who entered the United States through Mexican territory and apparently have a humanitarian visa issued by our Government, which allows multiple entrances and exits of the territory. ” However, he clarified, the Government is committed with migrants to respect their human rights. ” Consistent with our new immigration policy, we reiterate the commitment to migrants and human rights, “he said. WITH RESTRICTIONS.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman clarified that unaccompanied minors and people with health problems will not be accepted, and in the case of families “the issue will be considered separately given the complexity involved in receiving it in Mexico.” 

Once the asylum application process has been completed, “the physical location of the applicants will be the exclusive responsibility of the United States government,” Velasco added. 

Which means that Mexico “will not accept the return of foreign people who have appealed the denial of their asylum application.” 

The measure, which will mean a significant change in US immigration policy, will test the border cities.

The federal government promised to inform Baja California and Tijuana to coordinate actions because since Washington made the announcement of this new policy, they were worried about the consequences that these measures could have.

Source: AP.

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